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With CoolMax lined (INVISTA registered trademark) Move moisture away from your body and keep dry.

Keep you cool and comfortable.

AirpreneTM (perforated neoprene, registered by AIRPRENE LLC, patent number ALN10018015) Breathable & with advantage of Neoprene making products more comfortable.

The multiple-purpose (Far Infrared Rays) fibers development is by adding the special and fine ceramic powder to the textile product directly and through the high technology of dispersing treatments on PET for later weaving far infrared ray cotton yarn or cloth as to be the main raw material, which could retain the powder for a long period.
After using the Far Infrared Ray Protector with the thermal effect, the phoneme of increasing body temperature is shown pronouncedly.
Function :
Thematic effect, anti-bacterial and enhance blood circulation, the strength of injection, the strength of absorption.
Characteristics :
In the area of wavelength of 4~20 µm, the comparison of a form being applied the far infrared processing and another one without it showing the full absorption area of over 5%(inclusive) and up.
Average difference in temperature of skin wearing test sample in specific area against the sample of over 0.5  (inclusive), or a clear temperature display is available for verification.

With nylon plush lined & universal size fits most.

The elastic band for the orthopedically protection for everyday used by men and/or women.

with lightweight & four way stretch elasticity.
• With less warmth than standard elastic support.
• Great stretch & comfort compression when body movement.
• Help to prevent swelling and further injury.
• Latex Free