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SPECIAL®Nano Bamboo Charcoal Supports combined with Bamboo nature material, after high temperature carbonation. The latest special polyester fabric designed (cross (“+”) profile) with function of absorb perspiration and moisture on the skin, (HydroQuick ®) certificated by the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute). The 4-way stretch for better fit and feeling comfortable for the user during the outdoor /indoor movement.

Benefits :
  • To emit 85-95% Far Infrared Rays, increasing blood circulation and promote the body's natural healing process.
  • Release Negative Ions, keeping the air clean, odor-free, encourage the body cellars growth. Good effects for the power of resistance.
  • Excellent Moisture, Absorption knitted fabrics.
  • Strengthen our metabolism and further clean the harmful particles for body. Pain relief.
  • Anti-Bacterial. Wash by hand with water below 30˚C. Do not bleach.