Support Products



“ Dynamic supports reinforce your every movement”. It's a dream not only improve your athletic performance while you are in motion, but also protect and support your body.

DynaTex™ with a whole new concept, We, Special Protectors, through research and develop,  combined the Athletic taping theory with our excellent knitting skills perfectly by using German  advanced technology .

Therefore, the DynaTex™ , is  using a particular mixed knitting technology to reach the needs of different parts of your body.

DynaTex™ brings you the unique special support and improve your muscle function, it brings you more fun in sports, as well as the safety of physical protection.



Refer to the human body structure & protection principle, keep the ankle in neutral position.It's not only reduce the opportunity of ankle sprain, but also greatly reinforce the ankle support. Therefore, SP product is by using  this unique knitting way to make the fabric strong and straight, also apply this effect to the place of the ankle bone to support your ankle in the correct position.

By using the special knitting structure,  have  a great polling force. We add this strong pulling force in the ankle arch, and it bring you an unexpected powerful pulling force in your foot position, to release your walking or sporting pressure, relief your foot fatigue, for you to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of the movement.

SP mixed three  different type  knitting way to present different level compression force, it helps to increase your circulation and relief muscle fatigue. 


The new upgrade series, based on the traditional knitting skills and German technology, bring you comfortable, flexible and perfect support.

Refer to the human body structure, SP Classic Series stand on the traditional  and German advanced tech to give you much more support.