Special Protectors Co., Ltd.

Special Protectors Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985.The company's goals are to investigate the demands of the physical body in order to accommodate the market trend and meet any requirements. We are always continuing to improve and open new markets, making constant progress to pursue growth. The first Sport-Medicine supports mamufacturer to pass ISO 13485 certification in Taiwan. We ensure top quality and service for mutual profitability. CONTINUOUSLY ENDEAVORING TO SATISFY YOUR EVERY NEED. Main Products: Sports Supports, Sports Medicine Supports, Protective Supports, Orthopedic Supports, Medical Device, Medical Rehabilitation Products, Braces Supports, Extrication Device, Hinged Supports, Knee Immobilizers, Knee Splints, Knee Stabilizer, Open Knee, Cervical Collars, Head Immobilizer, Rib Binder, Abdominal Supports, Maternity Belt, Abdominal Belts, Neoprene Supports, CoolMax AIRPRENE Supports, CoolMax Supports, Airprene Supports, Elastic Supports, Supernet Supports, Ceramic Supports, Latex Free Supports, Nano Bamboo Charcoal Supports, Far Infrared Supports, Knitting Supports, Silicone Gel Cushion, Arm Sling, Shoulder Immobilizer, Knee Supports, Ankle Supports, Back Supports, Wrist Supports, Waist Supports, Elbow Supports, Sacro Lumbar Support, Abdominal Binder, Wrist Brace, Wrist Wrap, Ankle Wrap, Knee Wrap, Hernia Aid, Ankle Brace, Knee Brace, Patella Support, Patella Knee, Patella Tendon, Compression Knee, Compression Elbow, Industrial Safety Back Support, Spiral Knee Support, Tennis Elbow, Thigh Supports, Shoulder Supports, Calf Supports, Chest Supports, Clavicle Support, Slimming Pants, Lumbosacral Corsets, Safety Vests, Medical Bag, Healthcare Supports, Sports Medicine Manufacturer, Supports Manufacturer


Special Protectors Co., Ltd.'s core businesses include the manufacture and distribution of Sports Medicine Supports, Protective Supports, Orthopedic Supports. Also, our products have always been known for quality, reliability and solid performance, making Special Protectors Co., Ltd. becomes the most specified brand in the SILIACTIVE business.


Hinged Ankle Support With Eva Pad

  • Bilateral articulating hinges glide smoothly to allow for full, unrestricted foot flexion.

  • Removable and fully EVA pad within shell designed gently compress the injured ankle, and with great inversion/eversion protection.

  • Light weight support & plastic shells designed to support to the ankle joint for maximum stabilization.

  • Two individually adjustable hook and loop straps system to secure fit without movement.

  • Good for playing basketball, volleyball or everyday activites. Fit left or right ankle.

  • Color:Black


ActiveCup ™ Silicone Heel Cushion

• Soft blue “dot” combination for medical grade.
• more cushioning and relief from heel spurs.
• Double density medical grade silicone
• Pair


ActiveSport ™ Silicone 3/4 Cushion

• Soft blue”dots” inside the 3/4 insoles combination for medical grade cushion.
• The metatarsal pad support helps realignment fo the metatarsal heads, relieves severe forefoot discomfort or callus buildup.
• Pair

SP-I-90836 ~ 90848

ActiveSport ™ Silicone Full Length Insoles

• The metatarsal pad support helps realignment fo the metatarsal heads, relieves severe forefoot discomfort or callus buildup.
• Double density medical grade silicone
• More cushioning and relief from heel and metatarsal heads to reduce the shock.
• Pair


ActiveSport ™ Silicone Walk Straight Cushion

• 100% Medical grade silicone metatarsal cushion absorb shock.
• Thick, comfort and long-lasting cushioning support for forefoot or callus build-up.
• Odorless.
• Pair


ActiveSport ™ Silicone U Shape Heel Spur Pad

• 100% Medical grade silicone
• Reduce painful caused by heel spur or bruises.
• Pair


ActiveSport ™ Silicone Toe Separators

• Thick, 100% medical grade silicone.
• Help realign overlapping toes and for rehabilitation after forefoot surgical procedures.
• Pair


ActiveSport ™ Silicone Walk Straight Cushion

• To help & correct foot posture and reduce painful caused by wearing or fallen heels.
• Absorb shock to relieve stress on ankles, knees, hip and lower back.
• 100% medical grade silicone
• Hypo-allergenic resists to bacterial growth, non-toxic.
• Pair


ActiveSport ™ Silicone Toe Spreader

• Thick, 100% medical grade silicone
• Keep overlapping toes apart and reduces friction between toes.
• Pair
As a quality centric organization, we follow internationals quality standards throughout our business process. If you have any questions, want to buy in bulk, or have us give you a quote for or Sports Medicine Supports to fit your needs, please email to us.