Special Protectors Co., Ltd.

Special Protectors Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985.The company's goals are to investigate the demands of the physical body in order to accommodate the market trend and meet any requirements. We are always continuing to improve and open new markets, making constant progress to pursue growth. The first Sport-Medicine supports mamufacturer to pass ISO 13485 certification in Taiwan. We ensure top quality and service for mutual profitability. CONTINUOUSLY ENDEAVORING TO SATISFY YOUR EVERY NEED. Main Products: Sports Supports, Sports Medicine Supports, Protective Supports, Orthopedic Supports, Medical Device, Medical Rehabilitation Products, Braces Supports, Extrication Device, Hinged Supports, Knee Immobilizers, Knee Splints, Knee Stabilizer, Open Knee, Cervical Collars, Head Immobilizer, Rib Binder, Abdominal Supports, Maternity Belt, Abdominal Belts, Neoprene Supports, CoolMax AIRPRENE Supports, CoolMax Supports, Airprene Supports, Elastic Supports, Supernet Supports, Ceramic Supports, Latex Free Supports, Nano Bamboo Charcoal Supports, Far Infrared Supports, Knitting Supports, Silicone Gel Cushion, Arm Sling, Shoulder Immobilizer, Knee Supports, Ankle Supports, Back Supports, Wrist Supports, Waist Supports, Elbow Supports, Sacro Lumbar Support, Abdominal Binder, Wrist Brace, Wrist Wrap, Ankle Wrap, Knee Wrap, Hernia Aid, Ankle Brace, Knee Brace, Patella Support, Patella Knee, Patella Tendon, Compression Knee, Compression Elbow, Industrial Safety Back Support, Spiral Knee Support, Tennis Elbow, Thigh Supports, Shoulder Supports, Calf Supports, Chest Supports, Clavicle Support, Slimming Pants, Lumbosacral Corsets, Safety Vests, Medical Bag, Healthcare Supports, Sports Medicine Manufacturer, Supports Manufacturer

Nano Bamboo Charcoal Supports

Our company is a reliable manufacturer of Sports Medicine Supports, Protective Supports, Orthopedic Supports in Taiwan. In the ensuing years, Special Protectors Co., Ltd. has established a reputation for providing Nano Bamboo Charcoal Supports that have proven their superior quality and have become the standard by which all others are judged.

NB-58112 ~ 58117

ELBOW SUPPORT ( Nano Bamboo Charcoal )

  • To emit 85-95% Far Infrared Rays, increasing blood circulation around the Elbow joint during activities and promote the body's nature healing process.
  • The special polyester fabric designed (cross ("+") profile) with function of absorb perspiration and moisture on the skin.
  • Release Negative Ions, keeping air clean, odor-free, encourage the body cellars growth. Good effects for the power of resistance.
  • Strengthen our metabolism and further clean the harmful particles for body. Pain relief.
  • Reversible.
  • Better fit & 4-way stretch.

    Suit for the Man & Women. Home Care use.
  • Special Protectors Co., Ltd. is a high-technology enterprise specializing in research, manufacture and distribution of Sports Medicine Supports, Protective Supports, Orthopedic Supports and Elbow.Our Nano Bamboo Charcoal Supports is known for their long work life and low maintenance. This has been possible with use of the best raw materials that go into the manufacturing of our expansive product line.